QNH accredited to receive cases of work-related injuries
January 05, 2018

The Department of Work Injuries at Al-Qassim National Hospital receives great attention by providing employees to receive injury cases. It also provides permanent coordination with the injured worker and social insurance in the Al-Qassim region. Moreover, it facilitates the procedures and data registration through the systems of the General Organization for Social Insurance and through the computer program accredited to them.

The attention made by Al-Qassim National Hospital to this category and providing the full potentials and communication with patients with all available languages ​​is part of the hospital’s understanding and application of its social mission to all groups.

The Work Injuries Department at Al-Qassim National Hospital is keen to participate in awareness campaigns to prevent work injuries through field visits to factories, workshops and workers' locations, and to explain the regular methods and medical steps for inspecting and following up on injury cases, God forbid.

Al-Qassim National Hospital welcomes its reviewers to answer their questions on the reception counter designated for these cases or to call the department's phone.

The system defined work injuries according to the article (27) of the Social Insurance System as "the accident that occurs to the participant due to or during the work, or because of his movements from housing to work and returning from it, or as a result of performing a work mission or while the worker is going to eat his food or perform his prayers." 


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