Urology Clinic

The Urology Department at Al-Qassim National Hospital provides diagnostic and therapeutic management for inpatients and outpatients both acute and chronic cases.

Treated Cases:

  • Management and extraction of renal, ureteral, urinary bladder and urethral stones surgically or endoscopically using laser and most recent modalities.
  • management of renal and ureteral stones without surgery using extra-corporeal shockwave lithotripsy.
  • Open and endoscopic prostatectomy.
  • Dilatation and dealing with urethral strictures using endoscopes.
  • Trans-rectal ultrasound prostatic needle biopsy for histopathology under local anesthesia.
  • Testicular operations for adults including undescended tests, varicocele, hydrocele, testicular torsion.
  • Fracture penis and penile implants.


Opening Hours
Outpatient Clinics
09:00 - 21:00
Ambulance and Emergency
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