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Record new achievement of brain discharge and gangrene removal
November 25, 2019

Al-Qassim National Hospital emergency received a sixty patient who suffers from chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, severe bleeding in the brain, gangrene of the leg up to the knee and blood poisoning. Despite the seriousness of the condition and the patient was not properly prepared for surgery because of cardiac sound waves examinations that were 25%, the medical team could not take the risk of letting him bleed more than that because he would have definitely lost his life. At exactly ten-thirty in the evening of the same day, the patient entered the operations and the medical team followed up the case where the brain and nerve consultant performed the brain discharge. At the same time, the surgery consultant performed a radical ablation of gangrene. All of these operations were successfully finished.

Thanks to God, the patient fully recovered. This condition was one of the complicated cases where the medical team was concerned about the extent of the patient's response to the operation due to his poor health condition before surgery. Fortunately, he has responded well and we have taken primary care for the patient's safety and comfort as his complicated condition required constant attention and monitoring.

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