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A successful surgery saves the life of a patient at QNH
May 14, 2019

The medical team at Al-Qassim National Hospital succeeded in saving the life of a sixty-one-year-old patient after suffering from severe sprain and intestinal obstruction. It is one of the high-risk cases of accurate and successful surgery that contributed to controlling his condition and he fully recovered six days after entering the hospital.

Al-Qassim National Hospital emergency received the patient who was in a poor health condition. The patient was suffering persistent vomiting and constipation for four consecutive days, the inability of excretion and reflux of the stomach.

The medical team monitored and followed up the case in a professional manner. The necessary checks and CT scans with contrast were made to diagnose the case condition. The cause of acute obstruction was identified. After preparing the patient by anesthesiologists and cardiologists, a part of the intestine was removed and reconnected due to the presence of sprain in the intestine as the patient had undergone -twenty years ago- a surgery for appendicitis which caused him many adhesions in the part.

Thanks to God, the efforts of the medical team were successful and the patient recovered after receiving the necessary care. It is worth noting that after the third day, the patient's condition improved and after six days the patient was able to leave the hospital in an excellent state of health.

The medical team explained that if the stomach obstruction is not rapidly cured, it may lead to blood interruption in the area and cause gangrene which may lead to death, God forbid.

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