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Al-Qassim Medical Services Company is a closed Saudi joint stock company which its head office is in Buraydah city, it was established in 21/01/1414 AH corresponding to 07/11/1993 AD, registered in Buraydah city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Commercial Register No. 1131011745 dated 02/21/1414H corresponding to 09/08/1993 AD to carry out the establishment, ownership, equipping of hospitals, health centers, and units and their administration, maintenance and investment for the company within the limits of its purposes as well as manufacturing materials, devices, and medical supplies.

The company has a branch in Riyadh city dated 04/12/1414 AH corresponding to 09/29/1993. The hospital project was implemented in an area of 90,000 square meters in Buraydah.


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طريق علي بن ابي طالب، حي الإسكان
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